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Our company are capable of 2-wheeler relocation efficiently, transporting your bike to your desired destination without a single scratch. Our company dismantle important parts of the bike and pack them in bubble wraps and corrugated sheets to 100% safety during transit and provide timely doorstep delivery.

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Packing-Unpacking process
Packing involves buying the right packaging material in the right quantity, quality, and with the appropriate method to pack a variety of household items.
If the move itself: You have to spend enough time to decide how much of the material enough to pack all your stuff and what types of materials are best suited for your items. This process is very time consuming due to lack of experience, and without knowing the proper way of packaging of different things, you may end up damaging the goods or property.
If you hire a packing: moving company well-versed and have accurate knowledge to determine how much material is needed and the right kind of packaging supplies required for different goods. Based on the items you are moving, they come prepared with the necessary packaging material such as plastic wrap, packing paper, cardboard, corrugated boxes, and so on; they even use protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing peanuts, moving pads, foam packaging, etc. wherever required.
Loading & Unloading of trucks for Shifting things to and from trucks that do the best by using different techniques depending on many factors such as the size of the various items home, their fragility, weight, quality and monetary value.
If the move itself: you have to lift and move heavy items such as furniture, refrigerators, air conditioners, beds, sofa sets, cabinets, and so on; You are not informed about the proper way to lift large items, while unloading them, can result in permanent damage or damage and / or self-injury.
If you hire a mover: they use mobile equipment as per which makes the task of loading and unloading easier and safer. Appropriate equipment is used for the different items such as furniture or dolls slider to set the couch, cabinets or appliances, hand truck, forklift, driving panel, moving ropes and straps, pallet jacks, and many others move.
Disassembly and reassembly
Unload large items to be done before packing to ensure their safety during transit; after relocation, these items should also be assembled back together and checked for proper working condition.
If the move itself: it is risky for you to carry out the responsibility of disassembly-reassembly process because you may have never done it before, and you probably do not know what safety precautions to take. Or, you may choose to employ an experienced workforce for the task, but you'll have to spend extra money to pay them according to the amount of work involved.
If you hire a mover: relocation companies have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform disassembly-reassembly of the various equipment and furniture. They use the right tools, follow the proper guidelines, and lay down the security measures necessary to protect goods from damage; shifting the company also offers insurance on all or some household items, and will compensate you in the event of damage in the process.